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Sara Nealy, Director of Sales & Marketing, 2007

"Kona Village Resort unveils weekends for women

For more than forty years, the tropical oasis on Hawaii’s Big Island known as Kona Village has also been likened to an 82-acre spa. Tapping in to the rejuvenating qualities of the oceanfront location and its individual thatched-roof bungalows, Kona Village has developed a series of --Wahine Unwind Weekends.”

Wahine (pronounced vah-hee-nay) isthe Hawaiian word for woman and the weekend’s schedule is made-to-order for hassled, hurried, frazzled women everywhere. In just three short days, women can indulge themselves in a sanctuary of well being. For those who feel motivated to do a little or a lot, special group activities are available, but restoration and rebalance are keys to the weekend’s success...

Kona Village Resort was rated among Hawaii’s top 25 best hotels by Travel+Leisure Magazine, and was on Condé Nast Traveler’s --World’s Best Places to Stay.”

Travel Mole 2007

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